About The Cards Podcast – Episode 134


A hopefully smart and insightful podcast discussing trading card collecting. A podcast by collectors for collectors.


Special Guest – Ryan Cracknell @TraderCracks 


The Week That Was – Last Week’s Releases 

  • Topps Living – Week 149
  • 2020 Panini Playbook Football 1/13


Hot off the Press – New Releases 

  • 2021 Topps Archives Signature Series – Active Player Edition Baseball 1/20
  • 2020/21 Upper Deck Artifacts Hockey 1/20
  • 2020 Panini Contenders Football 1/22


What’s Brewing – Next Week’s Releases 



Infield Chatter – Hobby Talk 

  • Blake Jameison – NEXT WEEK
  • Rip Party 2021
  • Gloved Up
  • Fake Slab Update
  • Still holding
  • JunkWax 2.0? 
  • Stuck @ PSA 
  • 15 Weeks?
  • Target 
  • New eBay Return Policy
  • ATC Topps Madness  
  • Has Panini Contenders Football outlived its purpose?
  • Hedge Fund
  • $1,200?!! 
  • Dub is Wise 


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Underdog Collectibles is a shop for Collectors run by Collectors. 


You can join them live on YouTube and Facebook every Tuesday, Thursday, & Sunday Night at 9 pm EST for Live Card Breaks.  


They offer a wide variety of break options that won’t break the bank.  Remember, always bet on the Underdog!

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