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About The Cards

“We are a podcast by collectors, for collectors.”

Welcome to the About The Cards website. Almost five years ago we started the podcast because we wanted to provide useful content to the collecting community.

There are a lot of options out there for hobby related podcasts but we believed we had a different view than most due to our collecting habits. We aren’t breakers, we aren’t affiliated with a distributor and we aren’t employed by a publication. We are collectors talking trading cards with other collectors. As our slogan says: “We are a podcast by collectors, for collectors.”

Tim (@BigShep79) and Ben (@ourtradingcards) had talked about doing a show for sometime and decided one day to just go for it. Ben suggested they add a real hobby expert to be part of the show and that is when Stephan (@JunkWaxTwins) was added to roster.

We collaborated on a rough outline for a show and recorded Episode 0 on June 7th, 2018. The show wasn’t the best we have done, but we have improved and built a solid structure for us to follow each week.

While Shep has been called to the bullpen, we still strive to provide the content everyone has come to known, while occasionally calling his number for special guest appearances.

Each Wednesday on YouTube @ 8pm PST, 10pm CST we cover the past & current week’s Topps Living releases, new product releases and topics that deal directly with #TheHobby.

All previous episodes are sorted into helpful playlists to catch u

We are always looking for hobby topics, stories and issues to discuss on the show. Please reach out to us and share yours.

Thanks for taking time to check out our site, show and Twitter feed.