Podcast Appearances

Dr. James Beckett’s Sports Card Insights Appearances:

Episode 164 of ATC outtakes with Dr. James BeckettEpisode 164

Shep talks George Brett on Episode 233

Shep’s hobby origin story on Episode 225

Angela makes another appearance on Episode 216

Stephan, and Angela together on Episode 211

Outtakes from Episode 211

Stephan appears on Episode 199

Ben’s featured on Episode 188

Stephan introduces himself in this early Episode 27

Beckett Fat Packs Podcast

@BigShep79 on Beckett Media’s Fat Packs Podcast (3/7/19)

Lemme Get That Podagraph

@OurTradingCards on Lemme Get That Podagrapgh (9/1/19)

@OurTradingCards on Lemme Get That Podagraph Podcast (6/23/19)


@Bigshep79 on MojoBreak’s The Hype (10/3/18)

@JunkWaxTwins & @BigShep79 on MojoBreak’s Mojo Session from the 2019 NSCC (8/1/19)

Sports Card Nation

@BigShep79 on Sports Card Nation (8/16/19)

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