Review: 2020 Topps Stadium Club

  1. Card Design:

Topps Stadium Club is defined by one premise: photography. Not just vibrant shots of players but unique shots of players. Topps combs through every archive to put together the Stadium Club set with amazing, borderless cards all about the photos. This year’s design has silver lettering for the player name, three letter city of the player’s team and the Stadium Club logo. This may possibly be one of the few releases where all folks in the hobby stop and actually look at every card in a pack. 

Score 4.4/5.0

  1. Checklist Review

The base set has a good size set that will bring the set builders out: 300 cards. It is a combination of stars, rookies and all-timers. There are 63 Rookie Cards in the set with the RC logo. The all-timers include a mix of oldies (Ruth, Gehrig, Williams, Mays, Aaron and Cobb) as well as recent Hall of Famers (Griffey, Thomas and Jones). Look for discussion later of the extensive list of Parallels.

Score 4.1/5.0

  1. Collectability

As stated before, the photography is what draws many collectors to Stadium Club. In fact, that pride can be found as hobbyists show off their latest pulls on social media. That makes the set have a different vibe than the typical product that most want to open and flip and have little intention of keeping. Stadium Club helps prove that if a set has a striking look, true collectors will take notice and pursue it. 

Score 3.9/5.0

  1. Favorite Parallel/Insert Set

Topps Stadium Club has its fair share of Parallels compared to most releases. These include: Red, Black Foil, Black & White, Blue Foil, Members Only, Photographer Proof, Sepia, Rainbow Foilboard, First Day Issue and Gold Rainbow Foil. Inserts are a big part of Stadium Club as some favorites return along with the launch of some new sets like Stadium Club Chrome (90-card set with Parallels), Oversized Box Toppers (50-card set), Oversized Widevision (25-card set), Power Zone (25-card set with Parallels), In the Wings (25-card set with Parallels), Emperors of the Zone (25-card set with Parallels), Bash and Burn (15-card set with Parallels) and Instavision (10-card set with Parallels).

Score 4.0/5.0

  1. Autos/Relics

Autos are the only other chase in Stadium Club as there are no Relics here. The sets of Autos look for include the following: Base Autos (101-card set with Parallels), Chrome Autos (77-card set), Oversized Autos (39-card set), Power Zone Autos (16-card set with Parallels), Bash and Burn Autos (15-card set with Parallels), Lone Star Signatures (14-card set with Parallels), In The Wings Autos (14-card set with Parallels) and Co-Signers Autos (11-card set with Parallels). 

Score 4.25/5.0

  1. Overall

Topps Stadium Club has a special place in my heart ever since the first release with real Kodak photos. It is because it truly focuses on the core of the card: the photography. That is something that seems to be taken for granted many times when it really determines how good a card looks. Kudos to all the photographers who put out such amazing work. 

Overall Score 4.13/5.0

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