Review: 2020 Topps Definitive

  1. Card Design:

Topps Definitive comes in for those that have been at home and are willing to shell out some big bucks for a “make or break” break. One box which contain one pack of 8 cards is selling for over $1000 on eBay. The kicker is each card is autographed. The “base” cards (if they can be called that since they are all autos) are a gray design with white and all of the lettering and trim in gold. Definitive has 47 cards in this part of the set numbered up to 25.

Score 4.1/5.0

  1. Checklist Review

Like I said before, if it can be called a “base set” there are 47 cards, all autographed. The checklist features a combination of rookies, present and past stars. Rookies include Alvarez and Bichette. Present stars include Judge, Harper, Yelich, Alonso, Tatis, Soto, Trout, Acuna and Ohtani. The past stars’ list includes Ripken, Eck, Mattingly, the Big Hurt, Aaron, Ichiro, Junior, Big Mac, Ryan, the Wizard, Reggie and Koufax. 

Score 3.5/5.0

  1. Collectability

A big question: is Definitive collectable? If hits are what you chase to collect and keep, meaning autos and relics, then the answer is a resounding Yes. If you are going all in on the chase for the flip, then you are not collecting. I can see it going both ways but one niche you won’t see with this product is mine: set building. This is not a set builders’ product. The checklist is too light, and all the cards are hits so it would take a major investment even from boxes, breaks or both to come close to getting all of the cards. 

Score 3.1/5.0

  1. Favorite Parallel/Insert Set

Not many Parallels to chase in Definitive but there cannot be a release without at least a few. The “base” has the following: Green (numbered to 25), Purple (numbered to 10), Brand Logo Red (1/1), Jersey Button Red (1/1), Laundry Tag Red (1/1), MLB Logo Red (1/1) and Team Logo Red (1/1). There are no Inserts in Definitive.

Score 3.4/5.0

  1. Autos/Relics

Here is Definitive’s wheelhouse as it is only comprised of Autos and Relics. In addition to the 47-card Definitive Autos (with Parallels) already mentioned as the “base” for this set, there are other Auto groups to go after or find yourself with: Definitive Rookie Autos (37 cards numbered to 50 with Parallels), Dual Autos (38 cards numbered to 35 with Parallels), Legendary Autos (41 cards numbered to 25 with Parallels), Framed Autos (40 cards numbered to 30 with Parallels framed in gold), Defining the Decade Autos (38 cards numbered to 10 with Parallels), Defining Accolades Autos (25 card set numbered to 10 with Parallels) and Definitive Cut Signatures (43 cards all numbered 1/1). On the Relics side, there are Jumbo Relics (53 cards numbered to 50 with Parallels), Definitive Nameplates (68 cards numbered 1/1), Definitive Patches (100 cards numbered 1/1) and Definitive Helmets (10 cards numbered to 50 with Parallels). And there are combinations of Autos and Relics like Auto Relics (48 cards numbered to 50 with Parallels), Definitive Auto Relics (51 cards numbered to 50 with Parallels), Dual Auto Relics (25 cards numbered to 35 with Parallels), Framed Auto Patches (29 cards numbered to 30 with Parallels), Definitive Auto Patch Book Collection (28 cards numbered to 5 with Parallels) and Definitive Auto Ultra Patches (10 cards numbered 1/1).

Score 4.7/5.0

  1. Overall

Definitive defines a lot of things as a product. It is a quintessential breaking product because it is only hits. It enables a participant (collector or investor/flipper) to walk away with a hit anytime they jump in. If you have the funds to get in the Definitive pool, the water will be fine. Only the set builder will decide not to swim. 

Overall Score 3.76/5.0

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