Review: 2020 Topps Series Two

  1. Card Design:

Nothing original here if you already pursued Series One which we all do since we call it “flagship”. This year has its frameless design around the player photo with the team logo in the bottom left and the player name vertically on the left of the card with the player position. The name and logo are found over a gray banner. The logo for Topps has a metallic look and is found in the top right. 

Score 3.9/5.0

  1. Checklist Review

The base set checklist involves another 350 cards to bring the total set of both series at 700. It includes a list of more stars including Betts, Bryant, Freeman and Hoskins. Series One is much more star heavy than Series Two. Series Two includes 10 cards labeled Future Stars, six with the Rookie Cup and a total of 42 cards with the “RC” Rookie Card distinction including Luis Robert.  

Score 3.75/5.0

  1. Collectability

Many products have questions about collectability. Topps Series Two like Series One has absolutely no questions. The two series together are the most collectable product in the hobby. It is the most built set by hand and even collectors and flippers flock to retailers to buy the factory set. Many only collect flagship sets annually to hold for themselves or their children. You do not hear about that with any other product in the hobby. 

Score 4.75/5.0

  1. Favorite Parallel/Insert Set

There is a load of Parallels available because the set has such brand awareness and staying power that Topps finds them to be necessary. They include a total of 13 sets including: Gold Foil, Purple, Rainbow Foil, Yellow, Gold (numbered to 2020), Advanced Stats (numbered to 300), Vintage (numbered to 99), Independence Day (numbered to 76), Father’s Day Blue (numbered to 50), Mother’s Day Pink (numbered to 50), Memorial Day Camo (numbered to 25), Platinum and Printing Plates (all numbered 1 of 1). Not to be outdone, there are a host of Insert sets as well. Led by the 100-card retro 1985 set (with Parallels) and then followed by: Decades’ Best (100-card set with Parallels), Decades’ Best Chrome (100-card set with Parallels), Turkey Red (100-card set with Parallels), Turkey Red Chrome (100-card set with Parallels), 1985 Chrome (50-card set), Player Medallions (50-card set with Parallels), WARriors of the Diamond (50-card set with Parallels), Empire State Awards Winners (30-card set with Parallels), Fernando Tatis Highlights (30-card set with Parallels), Home Run Challenge (30-card set), Player of the Decade: Mike Trout (25-card set with Parallels), Significant Statistics (25-card set with Parallels), Topps 2030 (20-card set) and Best of Topps Now (10-card set). 

Score 4.25/5.0

  1. Autos/Relics

Topps has always been able to get their hands on a lot of signers and do that here in Series 2. Those cards feature the Topps Certified Autograph Issue stamp and have a mix of on card and sticker Autos. There are 11 pure sets of Autos in Series Two including: 1985 Topps Autos (97-card set with Parallels), Baseball Stars Autos (53-card set with Parallels), Cut Signatures (47-card set numbered 1 of 1), 1985 Topps Chrome Autos (32-card set), Decades Best Autos (30-card set), Empire State Award Winners Autos (30-card set), Fernando Tatis Highlights Autos (30-card set), Mike Trout Autos (25-card set), Baseball Stars Dual Autos (24-card set), WARriors of the Diamond Autos (17-card set), and Significant Statistics Autos (16-card set with Parallels). There are sets of Relics available in Series Two just as they were in Series One. There are four sets of Relics only including 1985 Topps Relics (99-card set with Parallels), In the Name Relics (50-card set), Major League Materials (40-card set with Parallels) and Significant Statistics Relics (20-card set with Parallels). Like all releases, there are also combinations of Autos and Relics in six sets: Major League Materials Autos (42-card set with Parallels), Draft Day Medallions Autos (37-card set), Jersey Sleeve Patch Autos (36-card set), Reverence Auto Patch (32-card set with Parallels), Player Medallion Autos (30-card set), Significant Statistics Auto Relics (13-card set with Parallels), 

Score 4.3/5.0

  1. Overall

Topps Series Two has an “in” with collectors as it is an extension of Series One and checks all the boxes for a flagship release. It is the product that preserves collectors and, in many ways, keeps this a hobby and not always a business. The only down is just like any other release in this crazy year – it is hard to find in the wild which drives up the price and could keep some of the true collectors away.

Overall Score 4.19/5.0

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