2020 Panini Chronicles – Product Review

  1. Card Design:

Panini Chronicles scratches one itch uniquely in the hobby like no another. It is a mixed bag of releases in one product that fits to a tee the notion for those that do not have any set royalty and are not looking to build a set. The “base” set has 24 different releases in varying designs from the basic to the chromium with some flair. 

Score 3.50/5.00

  1. Checklist Review

This involves multiple checklists due to the combination of all different sets that make up Chronicles. Each set involves 20 to 45 cards and comprises all of the typical stars like Trout, Kershaw, Harper and others plus the hot rookies and young stars like Robert, Bichette, Arozarena, Lewis and others. If you prefer true “commons”, then Chronicles is not for you. Chronicles is made primarily for chasers and breakers. 

Score 3.25/5.00

  1. Collectability

Chronicles may have one of the biggest questions of collectability. Since it is a hodge-podge of different sets, there may be some out there that one just to build one or even just collect their favorite player or team. But the reality is, this product has so many opportunities that it is primarily built for those chasers and breakers. So based on that, it is hard for me to go high here for Chronicles. Sorry. 

Score 2.75/5.00

  1. Favorite Parallel/Insert Set

Since Chronicles prides itself on a seemingly endless of collection of different sets, that endlessness falls within the scope of Parallels as well. The following list of Parallels are available in at least each of the releases in Chronicles: Astral, Galactic, Holo, Mosaic, Silver, White Sparkle, Hyper (numbered to 299), Ruby Wave (numbered to 199), Red (numbered between 25 and 100), Blue (numbered between 25 and 99), Blue Ice (numbered to 99), Blue Neon (numbered to 99), Diamond (numbered to 99), Pink Neon (numbered to 75), Purple Mojo (numbered to 75), Orange (numbered to 50), Green Neon (numbered to 49), Mirror Gold (numbered to 25), Pink (numbered to 25), Purple (numbered between 25 and 99), Squared (numbered to 25), White (numbered to 25), Neon Orange (numbered to 17), Gold (numbered between 10 and 99), Holo Silver (numbered to 10), Orbit (numbered to 10), Yellow (numbered to 10), Contra (numbered to 8), Green (numbered between 5 and 50), Emerald (numbered to 5), Black (numbered 1 of 1), Blue Finite (numbered 1 of 1), Burst (numbered 1 of 1), Gold Vinyl (numbered 1 of 1), Nebula (numbered 1 of 1) and Printing Plates (numbered 1 of 1 with Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow variations). Chronicles has no Insert sets because each release within it is really its own Insert set. 

Score 4.30/5.00

  1. Autos/Relics

Thanks to all of the individual releases within Chronicles brings a hit-chaser’s paradise of Autos to chase (and a few Relics). Here is the laundry list of Autos: Origins Signatures (40-card set with Parallels), Origins Autographs (36-card set with Parallels), Chronicles Signatures (34-card set with Parallels), Obsidian Autographs (34-card set with Parallels), Ascension Autographs (25-card set with Parallels), Classics Autographs (25-card set with Parallels), Luminance Autographs (25-card set with Parallels), Playbook Autographs (22-card set with Parallels), Score Signatures (20-card set with Parallels), Limited Signatures (19-card set with Parallels), Spectra Signatures (19-card set with Parallels), Timeless Treasures Signatures (19-card set with Parallels), Rookies & Stars Signatures (17-card set with Parallels) and Legacy Signatures (12-card set with Parallels). There are also four combinations of Autos and Relics including: Spectra Rookie Jersey Autographs (60-card set with Parallels), America’s Pastime Material Signatures (30-card set with Parallels), Origins Rookie Jumbo Material Autographs (21-card set with Parallels) and Spectra Prospect Jersey Autographs (11-card set with Parallels). If you want Relics only, Chronicles has two sets for that including Spectra Swatches (84-card set with Parallels) and Spectra Silhouettes (79-card set with Parallels).

Score 4.40/5.00


Chronicles is unique to say the least. It is Panini’s way of putting out a lot of products without making the investment of putting them out individually. Call it their live focus group to see what collectors/chasers really want. Traditional collectors do not gravitate to this kind of release but in the year of 2020, there are plenty to step in their place to gobble it up. It may not be my favorite either but that is what makes the hobby so amazing, we all like different things and there is something out there for everybody, even a wild card product like Chronicles. 

Overall Score 3.64/5.00

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