2020 Donruss Optic

  • Card Design:

Some may think that Donruss Optic is just a “chrome” version of the regular Donruss release. And in some cases, that is true as the base checklist mirrors the Donruss release. But since Optic is a higher-end product than Donruss, there is the addition of some higher-end elements. You will usually find boxes going for almost double on Optic over Donruss upon release with Mega Boxes trending right now at $50. The card design is the Donruss design with action photos with silver backgrounds along with team colors. The player name is in the bottom left with a team abbreviation in the bottom right. The Donruss Optic logo is in the top left.
Score 3.90/5.00

Checklist Review:

Donruss Optic has a large enough checklist for set builders with 200 cards. The first 30 cards are everyone’s artistic favorite with Diamond Kings. The next 66 cards are another fan favorite: Rated Rookies. The next 100 cards are a combination of veteran players and the final four cards are All-Stars. There is the largest contingent of Parallels out there that I will discuss in that section. 
Score 4.00/5.00

  • Collectability:

When asking the question of collectability on Donruss Optic, the answer can come in three methods: first, you are all in because you are also all in on Donruss itself and look to build both sets. Second, you prefer Optic to regular Donruss because you like chromium cards and would rather pursue something a little higher end. Or third, you just want to chase particular hits in Optic such as Autos, Parallels or maybe you want the Optic version of the Luis Robert Rated Rookie. 
Score 3.75/5.00

  • Favorite Parallel/Insert Set:

You want Parallels? Optic has Parallels, like the base set alone has 30, yes 30 different Parallels. Here is what to chase: Holo, Carolina White, Carolina Blue, Lime Green, Pink, Red Wave, Pink Velocity, Red White & Blue, Blue, Red, Teal Velocity, Black, Gold, Green, Blue Cracked Ice, Green Cracked Ice, Red Cracked Ice, Black Stars, Orange, Pandora, Blue Pandora, Purple Pandora, Red Pandora, Red Dragon, Green Dragon, Spirit of 76, Freedom, Liberty, Eagle and Gold Vinyl.

If that wasn’t enough, there is a large group of Insert sets as well including: Retro 1986 (25-card set with Parallels), Rated Prospects (20-card set with Parallels), Mythical (15-card set with Parallels), Optic Illusions (15-card set with Parallels), Stained Glass (15-card set with Parallels), The Rookies (10-card set with Parallels), Stars and Stripes (10-card set) and Fort Knox (10-card set).
Score 4.25/5.00

  • Autos/Relics:

There is a good collection of Autos in Optic but surprisingly, there are no Relics. I guess you can chase those in Donruss. Look for these Autos in the following sets: Rated Rookies Signatures (60-card set with 18 Parallels), Signature Series (49-card set with 8 Parallels), Retro 1986 Signatures (44-card set with 8 Parallels), Optic Autographs (37-card set with 3 Parallels), Fireworks Signatures (32-card set with 3 Parallels), Rated Prospects Signatures (20-card set with 18 Parallels) and Highlights Signatures (19-card set with 13 Parallels).
Score 4.40/5.00

  • Overall:

Another chromium product hits the market, but Donruss Optic has legs because you also see it in other sports. Many of today’s hobbyists pass by Donruss in order to chase the higher end Optic. As a set builder, I provide both. Optic has flair but also does a good job of the retro with the 1986, Diamond Kings, Rated Rookies, The Rookies and Highlights.
Overall Score 4.00/5.00

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