About The Cards Podcast – Episode 98


A hopefully smart and insightful podcast discussing trading card collecting. A podcast by collectors for collectors.


SPECIAL GUEST HOST:  Blake Jamieson 

A pop artist from San Francisco, California. His vibrant pop art portraits are inspired by street art. Jamieson has painted portraits for over 150 professional athletes and celebrities


The Week That Was – Last Week’s Releases 

  • Topps Living – Week 113
  • 2020 TRISTAR Hidden Treasures PLATINUM Autographed Baseball 5/6


Hot off the Press – New Releases 

  • Topps Living – Week 114
  • 2020 Sage Hit Premier Draft High Series Football 5/13
  • 2019 Panini Chronicles Football 5/15


What’s Brewing – Next Week’s Releases 

  • 2019/20 Panini Mosaic Basketball 5/20
  • 2020 Panini Select Baseball 5/22


Infield Chatter – Hobby Talk 

  • Hobby Hotline Promo 
  • Tiger King Card
  • Wax Pack Movie
  • LEAF v Upper Deck Update
  • Topps Living Doubling Up
  • “Uncle Jimmy” Collection
  • Project 2020 Cancelation?
  • Is Project 2020 killing Topps Living?
  • Production Down
  • McGwire & Sosa Future Documentary Driving Prices Up
  • #MailDay
  • Viewer Questions


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