2020 Topps Opening Day Product Review

Card Design:

s-l500 (2)
Some people are not favorable to Topps Opening Day. They consider it a “cheaper” product or “more to kids”. What I don’t understand is the card design is the flagship card design which everyone seems to drool over. Why the difference? It truly shows there are people in the hobby looking for the chase or the “flip”. Opening Day has a 200-card base set with Parallels. The only difference from the flagship design is the Opening Day logo on each card. Based on that, I will gladly give this the same rating as Topps Series One.
Score 4.25/5.0

Checklist Review:
The base set for Opening Day consists of 200 cards with Parallels but a major draw in this year’s release is card # 201 which is Luis Robert’s first rookie card with Topps. Like flagship, it is a mix of stars and rookies. There are 18 cards (including Luis Robert) that have the “RC” rookie card designation. Those include Yordan Alvarez, Gavin Lux, Aristides Aquino, Bo Bichette plus the card for Robert. There are also some Variations to the base set. 30 cards have an Action Image Variation and include all of the top stars: Soto, Vlad, Ohtani, Alvarez, Acuna, Eloy, Aquino, Alonso, Yelich, Bichette, Torres and Harper. Our neighbors to the north in Canada have access to a 6-card Variation set for the Blue Jays available in packs in Canada.
Score 3.75/5.0

Opening Day, as stated before, is considered by many as a lesser product due to fewer cards, lower quality stock and less hits to chase. But again as I stated before, I have a counter for that argument since Opening Day is an extension of flagship. Flagship is one of the most collectable out there so Opening Day should have some collectability too. Let’s split the difference.
Score 3.0/5.0

Favorite Parallel/Insert Set:

s-l500 (1)
Opening Day is not necessarily known for Parallels but there are still some available. Those include Blue Foil, Red Foil, Printing Plates and Opening Day 1/1 Edition. From an Inserts perspective, there are a few to chase: Opening Day Checklist (15 cards), Spring Has Sprung (25 cards), Team Traditions and Celebrations (10 cards), Walk This Way (25 cards), Sticker Collection Preview (10 cards), Mascots (a kid favorite – 24 cards), Dugout Peeks (20 cards) and The Lighter Side of Baseball (25 cards).
Score 3.25/5.0


s-l500 (3)
It may in some eyes be considered a lesser product, but Opening Day still has a good group of cards to chase. On the Autos side, there are Opening Day Autos (20 cards), Mascot Autos (7 cards), Image Variation Autos (15 cards), Walk This Way Autos (10 cards) and Ballpark Profile Autos (11 cards). There are also some combination Auto/Relic from the following sets: Diamond Auto/Relics (14 cards) and Mascot Auto/Relics (5 cards). On the Relics side, there are Mascot Patch (9 cards), Diamond Relics (26 cards), Opening Day Relics (25 cards), Mascot Relics (5 cards) and Major League Mementos Relics (8 cards).
Score 4.1/5.0

Topps Opening Day has a place. If it is not for you, don’t complain about it. Just stay away and let those that want to enjoy it to do so. It is an extension of flagship and is worthy of some collecting love. Whether you want to build the set, chase the Robert rookie or collect all of the Mascots, enjoy it. It is what all in the hobby deserve: some pleasure, no matter where you get it.
Overall Score 3.67/5.0

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