2020 Topps Inception Product Reviews

Card Design:

Inception is one of my favorite products because of the quality of the card design, the thicker card stock and it is one of the few higher end products that are not a glossy card like Chrome or Optic. The card design has an artistic feel this year with splashes of paint in multiple colors in the background of an action shot of the player. The player name and Inception are on the card front in gold foil as well as the “RC” logo if the card is a rookie card. The base set is the typical 100-card set.
Score 4.4/5.0

Checklist Review:
Bowman is the product that prospectors go after, but Inception is very underrated in this regard. Of the 100 cards in the base set, a whopping 47 are rookie cards with the “RC” designation. Big, young names like A. J. Puk, Gavin Lux, Yordan Alvarez, Aristides Aquino, Bo Bichette and Jesus Lazardo among others are available. Add to that the typical stars Like Acuna, Soto, Harper, Torres, Buehler, Judge, Bellinger, Jimenez, Yelich, Ohtani, Alonso, Hiura, Tatis, Albies and Trout plus a very distinct group of Parallels and Inception becomes a bigger draw for the chasers.
Score 4.15/5.0

Inception has many factors that make it collectable for many in our hobby. Eye catching design, thick stock, action images, gold foil along with the Parallels, Autos and Relics that we all cherish when we get our collecting hands on them. The collectability of Inception is not based on its cost but on its merits as a product which is what really should determine collectability.
Score 4.0/5.0

Favorite Parallel/Insert Set:
From a Parallels perspective, there are many available in Inception. Those include Green, Purple (numbered to 150), Magenta (numbered to 99), Red (numbered to 75), Orange (numbered to 50), Blue (numbered to 25) and both Inception and Printing Plates (each numbered 1/1). There are no pure Inserts in Inception.
Score 3.5/5.0


There is a set of Autos that are 81 cards from the base set and contain all of the previously listed Parallels. It is a mixture of stars and rookies in the same design as the base set. There is a 19-card Dawn of Greatness Auto set numbered to 20 with Parallels. It combines present and past players. An even rarer Auto set is the Short Prints (10-cards of current stars). Silver Signings has 40 cards of young stars numbered to 100 with Parallels signed on card in silver. There are also combination Auto/Relic sets available in Inception: Auto Patches (56-card set with Parallels), Auto Game Socks (20-card set numbered to 25), Auto Jumbo Patches (31-card set with Parallels), Auto Jumbo Hat Patches (38-card set with Parallels), Dual Auto Relic Books (9-card set numbered to 3), Auto Team Logo Books (13-card set numbered to 2), Auto MLB Logo Patch Books (13-card set numbered 1/1), Auto Letter Books (16-card set numbered to 2) and Auto Laundry Tag Books (14-card set numbered 1/1).
Score 3.9/5.0

Topps Inception is a set I look forward to annually. It is a high quality, higher end product that has some cost but has great value. Breakers love it for the price and the many cards to chase that deliver immediately. It is also a product that has some great success on the secondary market. With the times we are in, Inception is one to watch from home and grab for your collection in the limited means we have currently.
Overall Score 3.99/5.0

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