2019 Bowman Draft Product Review

Card Design:


Bowman Draft is released at the end of the year in order to get one more Bowman release in and to focus on those players taken in the year’s MLB draft. The question becomes how to rate the card design: one camp is that the design is solid both in the regular Bowman release along with the Bowman Chrome product. The other camp is that the card design is a copy of previous products. I think I will split it as the design is solid, but I think the base could use a Draft logo to help distinguish it. Chrome has a logo on its cards so another here could not hurt to give Draft some uniqueness.
Score 3.0/5.0

Checklist Review:

The base checklist has 200 cards, a standard practice for a Bowman product. It features many of the top prospects from the recent MLB draft along with other well-known players in the hobby like # 1 pick Adley Rutschman, Jarred Kelenic, Nolan Gorman, Tim Tebow, Wander Franco and Joey Bart. The same checklist is also for the Chrome version of the product. Both checklists have a list of parallels available. This checklist continues to prove why Bowman is the place for prospectors.
Score 4.2/5.0


Some could say that any Bowman product is not that collectable because there are many only looking to rip it or buy into breaks to get the hits and then immediately flip them. However, that leads to this product being collectable because even if there are a lot of hits being flipped, they end up at some point, in the hands of collectors. And as all products, there are base for the set builders, parallels for those player supercollectors and still hits with the autos and relics.
Score 4.0/5.0

Favorite Parallel/Insert Set:

Parallels are one of the chases for those who partake in Bowman as collectors are on the prowl for others of the prospects they are chasing. To make up the rainbow for a player, chase the following: Sky Blue – (numbered to 499), Purple (numbered to 250), Blue (numbered to 150), Green (numbered to 99), Gold (numbered to 50), Orange (numbered to 25), Red (numbered to 5) and both Black and Printing Plates (numbered 1/1). Inserts abound in Bowman Draft led by Franchise Futures (10 cards pairing two prospects from the same team). There is also Draft Progression that gives 14 cards with three prospects. Draft Pick Breakdown looks at the top 10 picks from the draft. If you want to go retro, look at the 30th Anniversary set of 10 cards that are in the 1989 Bowman style. Finally, there are Top of the Class Box Toppers (12 cards). All of the insert sets have parallels.
Score 4.4/5.0



Bowman Draft may not have any relics in the set but it more than makes up for that loss with tons of autos which is part of its breaking appeal. Those include Image Variation Autographs (12 cards that feature action photos of players with parallels), Draft Night Autographs (3 cards with shots from Draft Night with parallels – it is a shame there are not more of these), Draft Pick Breakdown (9 cards from the insert set with parallels), Franchise Futures Autographs (another insert set with 11 cards that have parallels), Class 0f 2019 Autographs (31-card set with parallels), 30th Anniversary Autographs (10 cards from the insert set with parallels), Chrome Draft Pick Autographs (auto set all chase with 81 cards and a ton of a parallels) and Top of the Class Box Toppers Autographs (11-card set).
Score 4.3/5.0


Bowman Draft will always draw all collectors in with its lavish supply of prospects as everyone wants to get in on the ground floor before the call-ups to the majors. Between a manageable base set, a broad supply of parallels, a solid group of inserts and some sharp autos, Draft hits everyone’s list of anticipated releases.
Overall Score 4.0/5.0

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