2019 Bowman Platinum Product Review

Card Design:

Bowman via its parent company Topps can be counted on year in and year out for a solid card design with all of its products and that continues with Bowman Platinum. Platinum has a card front dominated by the player photo, most reflecting in game action. The photo is framed on the right with a modern design and the bottom has the player name and team. As has been the case with many Topps products this year, the last name is larger than the first. The “BP” script logo for Bowman Platinum is at the top left. The card back is a black, white and gray with a simple design featuring the player stats and a paragraph of highlights. 

Score 3.75/5.0

Checklist Review:

Premium products tend to have a smaller checklist but that means each card matters more. Bowman Platinum has a solid list of star players along with 22 rookie cards. Some prefer a mixed checklist, but Platinum makes it easy to build the set as the cards are in order alphabetically by team name starting with Angels. The jury is still out on the rookies as most have not broken out yet but there are still notable ones to speculate on like Kyle Tucker and Yusei Kikuchi. Even with just 100 base cards, parallels are here for those that desire them. Look for Icy Pattern and Sky Blue that are unnumbered. Purple is numbered to 250, Blue is numbered to 150, Green is numbered to 99, Gold is numbered to 50, Orange is numbered to 25, Red is numbered to 10 and the coveted Foilfractor is the 1/1.

Score 4.0/5.0


If a card set has the name Bowman, it is all about the prospector as not only are there a high number of rookie cards in the base set, virtually all of the insert sets focus on rookies and prospects. Add that to a manageable base set count for the set builder and the autos and relics for those chasing the break hits and Bowman Platinum has the collectability factor. Monster boxes and Blaster boxes are available to rip but it will take a few with only four cards per pack. 

Score 4.25/5.0

Favorite Parallel/Insert Set:

As I said before with any Bowman product, Platinum has the inserts and all focus in one way or another on prospects. Prismatic Prodigies is a 40-card set mixed with recent call ups like Vlad and a host of players we will talking about in the majors in the coming seasons. Platinum Presence features 20 cards of young stars at all levels of baseball. Want more? How about Renowned Rookies which is another 20-card list of young stars. Prolific Power celebrates 10 young hitters that can drive the ball. The quintessential insert set is Top Prospects which has 100 cards of every top prospect representing every team. All of these sets have parallels. But my favorite insert set is a crossover – the 10 card Topps Gallery Preview set which gives you 10 top names young and old in the classic style of Gallery. 

Score 4.0/5.0


Like all products these days, Bowman Platinum fits the mold by making autos and relics as musts. There are ten sets of autographs: Platinum Cut Autographs has 27 cards numbered up to 50, Platinum Presence Autographs has 15 cards numbered to 50, Prismatic Prodigies has 30 cards numbered to 50, Prolific Power Autographs has 7 cards numbered to 10, Refined Autographs has 21 cards numbered to 99, Renowned Rookies Autographs has 15 cards numbered to 50, Top Prospects Autographs has 59 cards numbered up to 150 and Topps Gallery Preview Autographs has 10 cards. All of these sets have parallels. There are two sets that combine autos and relics: Platinum Patches Autographs has 40 cards numbered to 99 and Platinum Pieces Autograph Relics has 20 cards numbered to 99. As for relics only, there is just one set: Platinum Patches, a sharp 50 card set numbered to 5 which contains pieces of key uniform patches. 

Score 3.9/5.0


Bowman Platinum has all of the components of the standard Bowman issue but at a premium with higher quality card stock. It may be a costly admission but there is plenty of value to be gained in the long run with its focus on young stars and those on the cusp of breaking through. Take a ride and you should not be disappointed. 

Overall Score 4.0/5.0

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