Review: 2019 Topps Tribute

Card Design:

A high-end product like Topps Tribute should have a sharp design. And it comes through with a crisp vertical shot of the player with a gray background behind. The player name, position and team are all at the bottom on top of a silver, blue and orange backdrop. The Topps Tribute logo is in the top left. The card back has the player name with the similar backdrop from the front at the top with the card number. Look for key facts about the player on the card back as well.

Score 4.0/5.0

Checklist Review

This set has a small base checklist of 90 cards mixed with current and retired stars. Completing a set will be a costly endeavor since a box only has six 3-card packs and runs on average in the $250 range. Base parallels come in Green numbered to 99, Purple numbered to 50, Red numbered to 10 and Black 1/1’s. Look for the typical stars like Mike Trout and Clayton Kershaw to up and comers like Juan Soto and Gleyber Torres to legends of the game like Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth.

Score 3.8/5.0


If autos and relics are your chase for your PC, then Tribute meets your collecting needs. However, due to the cost, most collectors will take their chances in breaks or pick up their teams or players on the secondary market. There is one insert set in this product that I will discuss in the next section that will reach an element of the collecting population.

Score 2.7/5.0

Favorite Parallel/Insert Set

The base set has parallels but there are a couple of amazing insert sets. 2019 Rookies pays “tribute” to this year’s rookie class with names like Guerrero, Tatis, Jimenez and Alonso. There are 16 cards in the set and most are numbered to 435 plus the same Green, Purple, Red and Black parallels. The class of the inserts and frankly, the class of this year’s Tribute is the Tribute to 1951 Topps set. Topps bought back five complete sets and they are placed in cards with a black background and numbered to five.

Score 4.3/5.0


These categories are the wheelhouse for Tribute. You only get six packs in a box but on average one autograph card and one relic card. That is what most all will be chasing after. Prospectors will be after the League Inauguration Autographs, a 12-card set of the top rookies numbered to 75 with parallels. Tribute Autographs will be a favorite as it consists of 94 current and former players with many parallels to chase. The Tribute Career Achievement set honors Hank Aaron and his accomplishments with 15 cards all with autos and all numbered 1/1. Tribute to Enshrinement focuses on Hall of Famers with cards numbered to 99 along with parallels. Tribute to the Postseason is also numbered to 99 and features current and retired players with pictures from their postseason moments. Another great set to chase is Tribute Tandem Book Cards that pair a current star with a former player from the same team. On the Relic side, there are many unique subsets to collect or chase in breaks. There is a 20-card set with Autograph Patches that are numbered to 50 along with some parallels. Stamp of Approval features 39 current stars with a relic and five different parallels. Also, look for Single, Dual and Triple Relics bringing together all of your favorite players. Autos and Relics are the strongest part of Topps Tribute.

Score 4.6/5.0


Topps Tribute is another solid release if you want a premium product with a high price tag that could return you strong Autos and Relics. As a set builder, this is a set that is almost unattainable in that regard but there are sharp portions that loyal player and team collectors would be willing to pursue. Proceed as you will but prepare to pay with a challenge on getting a full return on what you invest.

Overall Score 3.9/5.0

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