Review: 2019 Panini Gold Standard Football

1. Card Design:

I might challenge you to find a better looking base card, thus far that would challenge Gold Standard for the “Best of 2019”. This base design is very sleek. First off, there is a nice logo in the upper corner with the “GS”, standing for the obvious. The background is what makes this design pop for me. There are parallel lines, slightly angled at around a 30-35 degree angle, with multiples, almost giving it a “poetry in motion” feel. It looks as if the player is “In Action”, if you allow your eyes to focus on the player and let the background blur in the abstract. In this day-and-age of base cards being “throwaways”, the Gold Standard base, well is the Gold Standard

Score 5.0/5.0

2. Checklist Review:

Featuring a 200-card base set, with every card #’d /99, there are only 3 (non 1/1’s) to collect per card. The first 140 cards are veterans/retirees, with the final 60 cards being rookies. You’ll find 40 RPA’s (Rookie/Patch Autos), along with dual and triple RPA’s., with 30 subjects each on the CL All totaled, there are 29 Auto and/or Relic sets to choose from. 

    Score 4.0/5.0

3. Collectability:

For those that are interested in hit-driven products, Gold Standard offers a great value at an “affordable” price point. With a MSRP of around $161.99, box odds, suggest you’ll get 5 auto/relics with 2 base/parallel cards. That should allow collectors an opportunity at any number of combinations to meet their respective collecting needs. With limited parallels, one could argue that the limited runs, allow for collectors to have better odds of completing their personal want list from this CL. The RPA’s, autos and base/parallel are all gorgeous, further enticing collectors to seek out this product on the hobby/retail level, or on the secondary market.  

Score 4.5/5.0

4. Favorite Parallel/Insert Set:

Since I’ve already mentioned how much of a fan I am of the base set, we will move away from the base parallels and discuss one of the more prominent, low numbered, autos sets. There are no traditional insert sets in Gold Standard, so we will deviate just a bit from our “usual” review featured in this section. The 24k Autographs only feature 15 subjects, but all cards are #’d 10, or less. The CL features the likes of Warren Moon, Peyton Manning, Dan Fouts and Jim Plunkett, just to name a few. The only thing that detracts a bit from the beauty of this set, is that they are, of course, sticker autos. If they were on-card, this would easily be a perfect 5.0/5.0!

Score 4.0/5.0

5. Autos/Relics:

As you might have gathered, Gold Standard is heavily based on autos and relics. There are tons to choose from, with plenty of subjects on the CL’s. The single, dual and triple RPA’s are incredible and should be highly sought after. The Double Standard auto set, should be extremely collectable, since it’s a dual auto set featuring a lot of fun pairings, such as: Jim Kelly/Marv Levy, Bill Parcells/Lawrence Taylor and brothers Chris and Kyle Long. There are 15 dual subjects, all #’d to either 10, or 25. Once again, this category takes a hit due to the “Curse of the Sticker Auto”.

Score 4.0/5.0


This product has a ton of value for the cost. Most collectors, in today’s market, are predisposed to not think of $161.99 as a “lot” of money. To get 5 autos/relics, along with 2 low-numbered base cards, is excellent value. Especially if you look at the overall depth of the CL, which is the strength of Gold Standard. I would highly recommend any football collector take a dip in the shallow end of Gold Standard, if not jump right in the deep end! 

Overall Score 4.3/5.0

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