2020 Topps Design Just Released

Within the last hour Topps has released it’s 2020 design. Already on Twitter people are hating on the design. WHY??? It is only 45 minutes old and you’re already dismissing it?

This happens every year when they first release the new design. Instantly people hate it, they want to go back to the 2013 design that they hated in 2012.

I don’t understand it. Wait. Give it time. We all know that you will be collecting it when it releases in late January.

Right away to me it looks like the past few Bowman releases. It has a very interesting positioning of the players name plate and team. I do miss the bordered cards, but how many years can you do a white border?

I do like the fact they are using most of the card space to fill with an image of the player. Time will tell if this design grows on us. At least it is better than the mid 2000s sets with Green, Blue or Orange borders.

Share your thoughts with me on Twitter @BigShep79 or with the podcast @AboutTheCards.

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