Review: 2019 Topps Museum Collection

1. Card Design:

Museum Collection has always had a fairly ornate design, pointed towards that outdated furniture you see on reruns of game shows on the Game Show Network.  MC, is not a base set type product, however it does include a fairly collectible base CL. MC’s design is probably slightly better than middle-of-the-road, but its card stock elevates its overall appearance quite a bit. 2019’s release features a few conflicting borders, a solid line across the bottom, a rounded border around the player image, with the top two corners shaded in. This creates four segmented light gray/white borders along the edges. For me, it’s a bit too much to have so much separation in the design. In other words, looks very “lazy”.

Score 2.5/5.0

2. Checklist Review:

Let’s first get the base out of the way. MC has a 100-card base set, with four chase parallels, sans the Green Emerald 1/1. The base set is a nice blend of current stars and rookies, along with retired stars and Hall of Famers. There is a 50-card Canvas Collection base set to chase, as well, which features multiple artist’s renderings, commissioned by Topps. Each will feature an original 1/1, signed by the respective artist. 23 of these will also feature a player auto, each serial numbered to 1. MC has 5 auto-only sets to collect, 6 auto/relic sets and 8 relic-only sets, some of which include dual, triple or quad relics, featuring 1-4 players, depending on the corresponding set.

     Score 4.0/5.0

3. Collectability:

MC is a nice blend of base, autos, relics and auto/relics. In other words, there should be something for every collector featured in this release. From base for the set collector, to a large number of individual player autos and relics, along with Four-Player Primary Pieces Quad Relics, which features four players from a team on one card, with a relic piece from each subject. All of these are #’d /99, or less. I gave this category a perfect “5”, since its high collectability factor lies in the CL’s diversity, adhering to all collectors PC-style and respective budget(s).

Score 5.0/5.0

4. Favorite Parallel/Insert Set:

There are great chase parallel colors featured on the base card design, including a non-numbered Copper, Sapphire /150, Amethyst /99 and Ruby /50, despite the overall design itself lacking a desirable aesthetic appeal. The Canvas Collection is always a fun set to chase, assuming your favorite player’s rendering is eye-appealing to you. The Museum Framed Auto collection is amazing, featuring 49 subjects, however all of which being 1/1’s does affect their collectability (and affordability). My personal favorite is the afore-mentioned Four-Player Primary Pieces Quad Relics. Having a chance at a 4-1 for any team collector is always a desirable PC piece, even if most are bland, one color patches. 

Score 4.0/5.0

5. Autos/Relics:

This is what Museum Collection is, after all. It’s an auto, relic and combo release. It’s a mid-to-(slightly)-upper-tier product coming in at an MSRP of around $200 per box. I think it wants to be an upper-tier release, competing with Definitive and Five Star, but is probably more like a poor-man’s Triple Threads or Tier One, with a similar price point. You can catch most of these on the secondary market, at affordable prices, regardless of your personal budget. These make for a nice addition, to a PC, without busting the bank, although their overall look isn’t quite up to snuff with the other products I just mentioned for comparative analysis.  

Score 3.5/5.0


Museum Collection is a personal favorite of mine each year, mostly due to the fact that I can get a lot of PC cards for budget prices. The overall return isn’t that great for individuals that break this product with intent to re-sell, so that works to the collector’s advantage. Overall, this isn’t all that memorable of a product, when compared to other releases in its market segment. I gave this a 3.8/5.0 but wouldn’t argue with you if you said it was a 3.0/5.0, or 4.5/5.0. I wouldn’t recommend busting any yourself, but definitely take advantage of eager sellers looking to unload on eBay. 

Overall Score 3.8/5.0

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