Review: 2019 Topps MLB Stickers

1. Card Design:

2019’s version of this release went a bit old-school. Over the past few year’s it’s been a pretty straight-forward approach. Each card being individual, with a card-numbered back, with the player’s information. Peel ‘em, stick ‘em, collect ‘em. For 2019, Topps decided to go back to the old-school 1980s style, where some cards are stand-alone, and others are dual-sided. Some cards have “collectible” backs, while others might offer multi-players, with mascots even being 4-in-1’s. The overall design of the card is solid, although on thin “sticker” stock, making them better suited to be placed in the sticker album, as intended, than in a 9-page.

Score 2.0/5.0

2. Checklist Review:

The CL has 2 different segments. The first being the traditional “base” set, comprised of 236 cards, while the second is the collectible back version. At first look the CL is very confusing and can be difficult to understand. If you are familiar with the 80s-style sticker books with combo cards, then you will have an easier time dissecting what is what. I am not a fan of this style and wish they had steered clear of this. If you plan to try to “collect them all”, it won’t matter much. If you are looking to grab stickers from specific team, or of a specific player, then you might not be all that enthused.  

    Score 1.0/5.0

3. Collectability:

This is an inexpensive, fun collectible set. It’s intended for budget-collectors, children and those that enjoy piecing together puzzles. It’s low-end, with a very specific consumer segment in mind. I am glad they offer this to help get kids involved in the hobby. Most collectors will most likely sit this one out, as it doesn’t offer enough to keep anyone’s interest for long.

Score 3.0/5.0

4. Favorite Parallel/Insert Set:

There are no inserts, so we will go with the collectible backs, as a secondary part of the CL as a “parallel”. I am sure most would agree that standard sized stickers are not necessary. The collectible backs look okay, but are a stretch, even for those placing them in a sticker album

Score 2.0/5.0

5. Autos/Relics:

MLB Stickers do not include any autos or relics.

Score -N/A-


As it was in year’s past, this is a throw-away or forgettable product. It’s intended for kids, and not much more. So, if you’re trying to get your child(ren) into the hobby, the sticker album/set is always a good place to start. It’s inexpensive and is a nice addition to anyone’s PC. However, if you miss out on it, I don’t think you will be “missing” it.

Overall Score 1.6/5.0

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