Review: 2019 Topps Series 2 Baseball

1. Card Design:

We didn’t have the site live when Series 1 launched and so this is our first review of the flagship product from Topps. This is fourth year that the release has been a full-bleed card. Personally, I miss the borders on this set. The 2019 version has a taste of 1982 with a hockey stick team colors trim on the right hand side of the card. The player’s name is in all capitals with the last name on top of the first, giving it a differator from past sets. All and all this is just a new take on the flagship brand and one that stands out a bit more than the past three years.

Score 3.5/5.0

2. Checklist Review:

Series 2 is loaded with the four most sought after rookies for 2019; Pete Alosno, Fernando Tatis Jr., Eloy Jimenez and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. While Vlad is not numbered and listed as a short print, it’s been an easier pull than first expected. This release also in features Bryce Harper in a Philadelphia Phillies uniform for the first time in a flagship release.

Score 5.0/5.0

3. Collectibility:

This is a set/team builders dream release. These collectors are why this product is collectible. Most of them have been collecting since childhood and this is the first set/brand they were exposed to in the beginning. There are also the master set builders who want to complete a base set and all of the inserts sets. Some go even further wanting to also collect every parallel to those sets.

There are also short prints (SP) and super short prints (SSP) that drive collectors to open this product. These extra inserts help drive more people to the product, thus increasing the demand on low numbered cards.

Score 4.0/5.0

4. Favorite Parallel/Insert Set:

This was an easy choice… the 1984 All-Star & Rookies insert set. It’s a 50 card set with rookies, current and former All-Stars. In 1984 this was a great design and has always been a favorite with collectors. These have great color and a simple yet eye checking design.

Score 4.5 /5.0

5. Autos/Relics:

Again, the 1984 design wins out for the best auto/relic. These card feature autographs from not only the rookies and All-Stars from the insert set, but also former stars as well. There are versions without the autograph but do have jersey or bat relics that cool great. It gives collectors an idea what this set would have looked like if autographs and relics had been included in the original release.

Score 4.0/5.0


Overall this is a great set for the team, player or set collectors. Not everyone will like this product because it is not a “hit-based” product. Don’t get me wrong there are some great pulls, they are just more rare. Each teams add 7 plus cards to the team set for the 2019 season. There are some great inserts, rookies and hits to find.

Overall Score 4.2/5.0

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