Review: 2019 Score Football

1. Card Design:

Love is in the air with the base design of 2019 Score Football. It takes us back to the inaugural year of the product’s release, 1989. Which is in the Top 10 of football card sets ever. It is a simple white bordered card, with all capitalize text and highlighted with team colors and helmet. It is just a great looking base card.

Score 5.0/5.0

2. Checklist Review:

This is a very deep checklist especially for the incoming 2019 Draft Class. The veteran base set is 330 cards, each team get 11 players represented from both sides of the ball and even a kicker. There are 110 rookies included in the set covering all of the top prospects and even some undrafted players. All of the rookies are in their college uniforms because the set is release right after the NFL Draft takes place.

Score 5.0/5.0

3. Collectability:

Score is an entry level product for Panini, similar to Topps Flagship in baseball. It’s overall collectibility is not in the dollar value, but that of a team or player collector. As a team collector you’re going to be about to see players in this set that will not have cards in mid to high end products. As a player collector the parallels can help you build an awesome looking rainbow for the PC.

Score 3.0/5.0

4. Favorite Parallel/Insert Set:

There are almost a dozen insert sets in this product and to be honest, I’m not a fan of any of them. The only one that somewhat grabs my interest are the NFL Draft inserts. The only reason, you are able to collect another version of a rookie card. All of these cards are mostly just filler. The base set has 15 parallels to each card, my favorite being the green. The parallels are the only ones that really spark me to collect, but 15….it’s just too many.

Score 1.0/5.0

5. Autos/Relics:

There is a mishmash of autographs available in this year’s product. You have buybacks, rookies, duals from past drafts and a set just of sticker dumps. I guess if you paid for them you gotta use them right? UGH. If you’re buying this product to chase hits it is NOT for you. The relics… super boring with an especially odd addition of college relics of veteran. Relic dump! The only reason this received a better score than the inserts is due to the rookie autos.

Score 2.0/5.0


2019 Score Football is exactly what it should be for the hobby. The first new product to the market, with a simple set up and a few hits. A box runs about $100 you should get a ton of rookie cards, close to a base set and 4 autograph in a box. Just don’t open this product and think you will be able to flip the cards and retire, it just won’t happen.

Overall Score 3.2/5.0

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