Review: 2019 Topps Big League Baseball

1. Card Design:

Unlike Opening Day which is almost a true carbon copy/subset of Topps Flagship, Big League Baseball has its own unique design. This year’s design has a very baseball feel to it. There is a pennant in the bottom left corner with the team’s logo; in the far background you can see a wood grain (like a bat barrel) and there is ticket information to the right of the player’s name. I love all of these features on the cards and the bonus is the text is in team colors as well. It is a great looking design for this 2nd year product.

Score 4.5/5.0

2. Checklist Review:

Big League Baseball boasts the largest single base set release we will see this year with 400 cards. We call know that Flagship with three series will have more, but also with more releases. This is a solid checklist of rookies and veterans, including 3 rookie short print variations. If those 3 rookies (Tatis Jr, Alonso & Jimenez) had been included in the base set it would be nearly perfect.

Score 4.0/5.0

3. Collectability:

This is another entry level release for Topps and in only its second year. Time will tell if this set has any true collectability on the value side of sports cards. The three short print rookie variations help the base set with a little more value. As team or player collector it is very collectable as you are able to get a solid amount of players per team and just not the bigger names.

Score 3.0/5.0

4. Favorite Parallel/Insert Set:

There are a few great insert sets in this year’s release. My runner up is the Blast Off set. They just have a great look to them and harken back to a mid-90s insert set. Plus the players included in the set are great. My favorite insert set is the Star Caricatures Reproductions. There are 30 cards, one for each team. They remind me so much of the Score All-Stars of the early 90s. Just a great looking set.  

Score 5.0/5.0

5. Autos/Relics:

Autograph cards are listed as falling 1:6 boxes and there aren’t any relic cards in this release. I’m good with the autograph cards being a tough pull and no generic relic cards. It adds to the chase.

Score 4.5/5.0


This release could are come out in 1992 and we all would have loved it. It takes older collectors, like myself back to our youth and allows us to share how we collected as kids with our kids. This set isn’t for all collectors but could be if we all weren’t chasing the next hit, hot rookie or SP. It’s a set to ground us to what the hobby was from the 1950s-1990s. It’s what collecting should be about and that’s collecting the cards.

Overall Score 4.2/5.0

One response to “Review: 2019 Topps Big League Baseball”

  1. I like the overall design


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