Stephan Loeffler

Although I got roped into the show by these two old geezers, I also share a love for this sports collecting hobby. When I was a kid I’d buy packs with chore money, but I truly refined my collection about 10 years ago after the 2009 off-season. I’d just witnessed game 163 and was excited for the Twins future. I remember going into 2010 wanting to buy Upper Deck series one, Topps series one and started to save for Allen & Ginter. Upper Deck would be forced out shortly after release, and Topps that year was disappointing so I shifted my focus onto the grand Twins base project.

Mind you I’ve bought a few boxes of product here or there since, but for the most part I’ve been chasing every Twins *base* card. Learning more about the history of the hobby, I added the Senators because what’s another ~10 years. Pre-war would come later, though I was always drawn to them as a history nut. After a decade of personal growth through injury, strife, and patience outside of collecting – I’m done with Score and Pinnacle, near completion in Fleer, Donruss, Upper Deck and I’m just THREE Twins cards from completing the team set run from 1961 to current year, with eight Washington Senators to go as well.

I’ve been to three National Sports Collectors Conventions – THE National show held annually near the end of July through early August – which is a great hobby event if you’ve never been. You’ll be able to meet and greet with card producers, distributors, auction houses, as well as vendors from across the country! In addition through local show promoters I’ve levied my card knowledge into a job in the hobby – working with COMC as an Identification Technician. Basically once cards are received, they’re scanned and sorted in the warehouses and I enter them into the database marking years, sets, parallels, etc. Every day I see something new and there’s always something to learn. So on the show, I’m the resident ‘WTF is that’ expert. :D.

One response to “Stephan Loeffler”

  1. I would like to express some constructive criticism about your podcast and you can take this for what its worth. Listening to the Oct 22nd podcast, during the last 30 minutes or so someone was continuously typing on a keyboard and it was really hard to follow the conversation with the typing in the background, I wonder if you can hear this as well? I listen to your podcast every week and I guess I don’t quite understand why Tim and Ben are coming through loud and clear but you cannot hear or understand Steph most of the time? I know my opinion may not matter but I am someone who supports and listens to your show weekly and I just wanted to express my thoughts about what we hear as listeners. I am sure you strive to do the best job possible and you always have excellent content but you might want to take what I have to say and maybe try and address these issues, but like I said my opinion may not matter in the big scheme of things. Thanks.



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