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I became a collector of all-things baseball cards in 1987. On September 15, 1986, I received two packs of 1986 Topps at my cousin’s tenth birthday party. It was a cool design and something to organize and “play with”. My dad bought me some Topps packs when 1987 Topps was released, along with a Beckett. I looked up my 1986 cards and was mesmerized by the price of my 1986 Topps Eric Davis. It was worth a whole $1.25! I couldn’t believe how rich I was!

So, there it began. Like most collectors, I drifted away from the hobby when I became a teenager. My love for the hobby was rekindled in 2010, when I ventured back into an LCS, looking for McFarlane Cooperstown figures. I convinced my wife to buy a box of cards. She said, “one box, one sport”. Well here we are 9 years later, and I am the self-proclaimed “world’s largest A’s super collector”. It took me around 4 years to really refine what I wanted to collect. My mission is to collect every A’s base card and insert from 1909-Present Day. As of this writing, I am about 70% there. So, if you have any A’s cards for sale, or needing a new home… “I Noah guy!”

As for my life away from cards. I am a married, father of 3. I am 40 years old, which according to Mike Gundy, makes me a man. I live in the Northern California, near Sacramento (born and raised). I have an MBA in Economics, so I often talk smarter than I probably am. And every Wednesday night, I chat with my two besties about our shared hobby. My life is qualitatively satisfying.

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